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Local Charities Celebrate Over £239,000 Funding


SEVEN charity groups in Hull and North Lincolnshire have received grants of £239,565 between them.

Using money raised by HealthWin CIC, through The Health Lottery, grants have been awarded by People’s Health Trust through Active Communities, a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

The seven charities celebrating the funding include:

  • Jubilee Church Hall, £23,675 – This new one year project aims to deliver learning opportunities for homeless people in Hull city centre.
  • Communities Advice Centre (Scunthorpe) £50,000 – This new two year project will be a club for Eastern European parents, particularly mothers, who do not work. It will provide them with a place where they can meet, learn new things and develop personal skills whilst their children will be looked after and be able to learn English, maths and dance.
  • Courts Community Association (Hull) £50,000 – This one year project is an existing initiative and aims to replace current funding which ends in March 2015. The project involves the running of youth clubs five days a week along with football teams in the Courts area of Orchard Park in Hull. The youth club has been successful in reducing tensions between local young people and encouraging them to play sports.
  • Endike Community Care (Hull) £12,826 - This new two year project is targeted towards over 55s in Hull with memory impairment as a result of dementia who attend a day centre. It aims to enable them to re-engage with their past and encourage a sense of belonging and acceptance in society in spite of their condition. Pictures, sounds, smells and places will be used to ‘jog’ participants’ memories. There will be visits to local museums and galleries.
  • West Hull Community Care Radio Limited, £39,936 – This new nine month project will develop an oral history project for broadcast on community radio. The project aims to address the problem of loneliness and isolation on the Great Thornton Street Estate, one of the most deprived areas in Hull, bringing together younger and older generations from different cultural backgrounds as volunteers, exploring the heritage of the area past and present.
  • Shores Homecare Limited £15,100 – This new one-year project aims to provide a safe, friendly and accessible environment for older people to come together in the Shores Community Centre in East Yorkshire to enjoy refreshments, chat, take part in table games, access the internet and form friendships. It is in response to a large number of elderly people in the local community with the local authority struggling to meet their needs.
  • Voluntary and Community Sector Learning Consortium Ltd (Bransholme East) £48,028 -  This new two year project will provide a programme of community activities and events which encourage residents from Bransholme East ward to engage in new and different experiences. Activities will be intergenerational with the aim of supporting healthier lifestyles, countering social isolation and low self-confidence, and helping people learn new skills.

Chris Lunn, Director of HealthWin, said: “The projects, supported using money raised by HealthWin, are extremely valuable to a wide range of individuals across this region; we look forward to hearing more about how these initiatives are supporting people to live longer healthier lives.”

John Hume, Chief Executive of People’s Health Trust, said: “We are delighted to be investing in these local organisations with great ideas to make their communities even better places to grow, live, work and age.”

Active Communities is for community groups and not-for-profit organisations with an income of less than £350,000 a year that are seeking investment of between £5,000 and £50,000 a year, for projects lasting up to two years. For more information visit www.PeoplesHealthTrust.org.uk

Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.
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